Adoption is a life altering event that has implications for everyone involved whether you are the adoptive parents, adopted child or member of the birth family. Anyone whose life has been affected by adoption may need help and support to adjust to the changes which it can bring. We are here to advise and support adoptive families through every step of the adoption process and beyond.


Adopters have an automatic entitlement to an assessment for support services and we strive at every step to give our adopters the support they need to ensure the placement succeeds. If the assessment finds that therapeutic services would help your family, we can apply to the National Adoption Support Fund (ASF) to help pay for these services.

The adoption passport: a support guide for adopters, can be found on the First4Adoption website (, and sets out the services adopters can expect from local authorities.
If you have adopted a child in England you may also be entitled to:

free early education for your child from the age of two

choose which school best meets your child’s needs

priority access to council housing

• discretionary housing payments while waiting for your child to be placed with you

adoption leave and pay when your child is placed with you.

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