What is adoption?

On average each year in England there are over 6,000 children who are waiting for loving adoptive parents. They are a range of ages and from a variety of backgrounds. The children have all had a difficult start in life and can no longer be brought up by their birth families.

What is adoption?

Parenting adopted children, whilst presenting unique challenges, can be extremely rewarding. If you are able to offer love, commitment, time, patience and the motivation to understand how your child sees the world, then that is a great start and the rewards will be limitless. We need families from all sorts of different backgrounds to become adopters. Whether you are married or single, divorced, living with a partner, disabled, and whatever your sexual orientation and cultural background, adoption may be for you.

Who can adopt?

Adoption is a lifelong commitment requiring empathy, energy, patience – and a sense of humour!

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